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Hi-Fi Mosfet Power Amplifier 2SJ162-2SK105

Circuit of amplifiers mosfet which has up to 100 watts RMS power by module on the speaker 8 ohms or 160 watts RMS at 4 ohm speaker load, with distortion + / -0.1%. Hifi amplifier circuit is quite easy to assemble because of the simple design. Class AB power amplifier is when we look at its specs are good enough to hifi system at home.

circuit amplifier 100W hifi mosfet amplifier class ab

In this part of the final amplifier mosfet transistor amplifier using a pair 2SJ162-2SK1058 are easily available in the market. You can also use a pair of transistors mosfet other series such as spouses IRFP240-IRFP9240, 2SK1530-2SJ201 or BUZ900DP-BUZ905DP with attention GDS pin or GSD. In the power supply using a transformer 5 amperes or more on 32V-0-32v. Capacitor bank for 4x 6800 μF / 60V. And below layout pcb design for 100W Hi Fi Mosfet amplfier circuit schematic :

Layout pcb 100W hifi mosfet amplifier

3 comments for "Hi-Fi Mosfet Power Amplifier 2SJ162-2SK105"

  1. thankyou, this is cool, I checked on simulation and seems to have no startup / shutdown pops.

  2. T7 indicated in the circuit diagram is 2SJ 162 and T8 is 2SK 1058. Is this correct or should be reversed?