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Audio control Toggle Switch IC CD4027

Here is a simple toggle switch that may be operated thru sound alerts along with whistle or clap. The output of the toggle remains both low or excessive until the microphone senses the next sound sign. The circuit is too touchy and can be used to govern ac hundreds through the relay.

The sound signal received through the condenser mic can be amplified by using ic1. Tl071 is the high gain operational amplifier used inside the preamplifier phase of radio and tape recorder. The amplified output is used to manipulate the jk flip flop ic cd4027 designed inside the toggle mode. Whilst the clock enter pin 14 of ic2 gets a low to excessive pulse from ic1, its output turns high and stays as such. While the following pulse arrives, the output of ic2 turns low. On this way it capabilities as a toggle switch. Variable resistor vr adjusts the sensitivity of mic on the unique sound degree. Relay driver t1 can be used to perform the relay.

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