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Auto Switch Water Pump

In this post I will show you a simple electronic circuit that can hopefully be useful in our daily lives. AUTO SWITCH WATER PUMP Often the water in the reservoir at the house we always spill when the shelter is full.


List of components:
R1 = 100K C1, 2 = 47N 5K6 R2 = C3 = 220mf/25v R3 = 680 TR1, 2,4,7,8 = FCS9012 TR3 R4 = 10, 5.6 = FCS9013 R5 = 1K-5 D1 = IN4002 R6 = 270 transformer 12v 350mA Ab = R7 = 47K Volt Cd = R8 = 47K Pump R9 = 100K Relay = 12v DC ABC = sensor (of iron, or other steinless) C1, 2 = 47N C3 = 220mf/25v Tr1, 2,4,7,8 = FCS9012 TR3, 5,6 = FCS9013 D1-5 = IN4002 Transformer 12v 350mA ab = (220v AC input) cd = Water Pumps

How it works:
Suppose we want the water level in the tank is not higher than point A and point B is lower than the water pump will live alone and when touching point A pump will die. A = the upper limit of the desired water level B = the lower limit of water needed C = is the wire / cable should always touch the paste into the body of water in the tank

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