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9V to 13.5kV Inverter Circuit

This 9V to 13.5kV Inverter Circuit high voltage source is formed by an inverter, around the transistor, which provides pulses of 150V to the inverter formed by the thyristor and capacitor in series with the transformer 2. This pulse output of 4.5kV to be multiplied with the network so as to achieve the output voltage of 13.5kV.  Neon lamps (marked LN) form the thyristor triggering pulses.

The transformer T1 has a ratio 3000:500 Ω of the type used in audio output transistor. T2 is a transformer flash lamp trigger a secondary 6kV. This inverter circuit requires a 9VDC power supply with current 0.01A

9V to 13.5kV Inverter Circuit

Apply this equipment on the human body can cause serious physical injury to death. Don’t use in humans.

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