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TDA2050 Power Amplifier Circuit

TDA2050 Power Amplifier Circuit

TDA2050 Power Amplifier Circuit High output power, low distortion, HiFi power amplifier for your home audio system. Maximum output at 4 ohm speaker is 35 watts, while the 8 ohm speaker is only 15 watts. This circuit must use a good power supply so that the sound quality could be as expected.

Circuit Diagram TDA2050 Power Amplifier
TDA2050 Power Amplifier Circuit Schematic

IC TDA2050 power amplifier
Output 50W RMS(4 ohm) / 32WRMS (8hm ) Hi-Fi AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER

List of components:
     Resistors 1, 2, 3, 4: 22K ohm
     5 resistor: 2.2 ohm
     Capacitor 1: 100uF/50V
     Capacitor 2: 2.2uf/50V
     Capacitor 3: 22uF/50V
     Capacitor 4: 0.47uF
     Capacitor 5: 1000uF/50V
     Capacitor 6: 100nF
     Capacitor 7: 1000uF/50V
     IC: TDA2050

3 comments for "TDA2050 Power Amplifier Circuit"

  1. its too good amplifier circuit but put R6 value 220 Ohms 5%

  2. I made it.. But it has humming problem, how can i resolve it😥