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120 Volt 4 LED Light Circuit

This circuit uses can exist used in the same way as a night light. It uses a 120 V Mains to power the circuit. plant like a charm!

120 Volt 4 LED Light Circuit

120 Volt 4 LED Light Circuit
Circuit Schematic
4x - White LEDs
1x - 9.1K 5watt Resistor
1x - 1N4007
1x - 180or220uF 25v cap
1x - 1Meg 1/2watt Resistor
1x - 100mA fuse
1x - Enclosure

If the ac supply is 220 volts,then which resistir should  replace and by which one, 220v is twice of 110v so doubles the value due to the voltage work, try to replace 9k1 with 22k-100k and capasitor voltage 160v.

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