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Voltage Feedback Op-Amp

Device Description:
Voltage feedback operational amplifiers usually manufactured for industrial use have ultra-low power requirements, with a typical quiescent current value of approximately 250 micro amperes. The typical current drawn in powered-down mode for such an amplifier is 0.5 micro amperes. They are suitable for operation at any bandwidth below 56 MHz. The manufacturing process is called a 'SiGe complimentary bipolar process'. It is an advanced method used at the industrial level.
Ultra-low power-op amps have rail-to-rail output along with negative rail input. They are specially designed to operate under an EMF ranging from 2.5 – 5.5 Volts. There are two options: the single or dual supply operational amplifier. The aforementioned voltage supply is for single mode op amps whereas for a dual mode operational amplifier the power supply ranges from -1.25 to -2.25 Volts and 1.25 to 2.75 Volts (in dual supply configuration). These operational amplifiers are leading the industry due to their high power/performance ratio. They consume a mere 250 micro amperes of current on each channel, under a unity gain of 56 MHz.
A voltage feedback operational amplifier is well-suited for portable battery applications in which low power consumption is desired along with good performance. It consumes little power, yet offers high frequency performance. Such operational amplifiers serve as the device with high frequency performance in many battery-powered applications by lowering current consumption. This is achievable on account of a power saving mode, in which its current consumption can be lowered to 1.5 micro amperes. A voltage feedback operational amplifier consists of an integrated gain setting resistor in its both single and dual supply variants. These gain setting resistors are bound to a printed circuit board with the smallest possible size across a wide range of attainable gain values - they can be replaced with a potentiometer for controllable resistance. The design of a voltage feedback operational amplifier impacts the range of attenuation values. These amplifiers are designed to work at industrial-standard temperatures ranging from -40 to 250 degrees centigrade.
Applications of Voltage Feedback Operational Amplifiers
A voltage feedback operational amplifier has many industrial applications, including the following:
•    Audio ADC input buffers
•    Portable systems
•    High density systems
•    Low power systems
•    Ultrasonic flow systems
•    ADC Drivers
•    Low power SAR
•    Low power signal conditioning systems.