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Solar charger circuit project

To take advantage of sunlight shining on the earth can continue to be utilized to serve as a power source so that we can at least save on electricity prices continuing to rise, below is one of a series of simple power plant can be created and used to fill your motorcycle battery or for emergency lights.

The circuit scheme of Solar Power Generation

Solar charger circuit project

How it Works series:
Sunlight is received by the solar panels are then processed into electricity, but electricity generated from each panel is still too small where the 8 Cell Panel arranged in series only mrnghasilkan voltage of approximately 4 volts with a current 200 mA.
nah therefore required an electronic circuit to increase the voltage and current enough to be used as a Battery Charger.
Electronic Rangakain act as a series of DC to DC Inverter (DC to DC Inverter), which was built by two pieces of Capacitor, Resistor 1, a transistor, a diode, and a coil which is the point of the creation of this series.

The circuit was built with a single oscillator system (blocking oscillator) which was built by the transistor and a coil in which the primary winding totaling 45 turns and 15 turns in the secondary as feedback to provide the voltage at the base of the transistor output of the primary winding connected to the diode and used to The battery charging.

When the circuit is coupled with the Emergency Neon Lights will certainly get enough voltage to light at night for free. because its batteries during the day in charge by the sun.

The success of this experiment is a way of making a coil which is the same way with the topic of emergency fluorescent lights
List of Components
  • 8 cell 0.5v 200 mA solar panel (sold in many electronics stores) or make use of solar panels used a calculator that is damaged / not used anymore you dismantle it and take solarcell
  • Capacitor 100 UF
  • Capacitor 10 UF
  • Transistor TIP 31 or similar
  • Resistor 1 K
  • Diode BY 207 (Diada 5 Ampere) or similar
  • Accu Motor.
  • Approximately 3 meters of 0.25 mm diameter wire email.>
  • Ferite rods are frequently used in radio-AM radio.

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  6. how can i modify it to charge car battery 12v 32AH

    1. Hey Davis, You can add more transistor and the solar panel into parallel circuit.

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