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PCB Layout Power Amplifier LM4780

I get different boards for LM4780 based amplifier designed when I was several samples from National Semiconductor. I was one-sided copper board to bring in my market, so I created the board on one side only.

This is the first. I build them from scratch. Study the pin details of LM4780 and I draw on the paper presented, as well as the basic circuit schematic.

A little tuning of the power supply PCB for thicker tracks.

PCB Layout Power Amplifier LM4780
PCB Layout Power Amplifier LM4780
But there was a major obstacle – 6 nos of jumper wires connecting the IC. I wanted to avoid, so I designed the new board. A very good thing I came to know about from DiyAudio, was the use of n / c pins. So this was all new, third version. It turned out that the most compact and straight layout. I have about 10 PCBs of this one.

This is the latest. I tried two other bridges in V++ wiring systems and further thicken the power to remove traces. Mmm, still thinking to go for a different version, this time a little more spacious. Troubleshooting can be difficult to compact circuit boards.

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