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Motorcycle LED Lights Circuit

Motorcycle LED Lights series is so simple that it only uses a few components, but the results are very satisfactory. Power consumption is small enough 6 Volt course is suitable for your motorcycle.

The 555 circuit lower than is a flashing bicycle light powered with four C,D or else AA cells (6 volts). Two sets of 20 LEDs yearn for alternately glimmer by the side of approximately 4.7 cycles for every flash using RC morals publicized (4.7K pro R1, 150K for R2 and a 1uF capacitor). epoch intervals for the two lamps are in this area 107 milliseconds (T1, high LEDs) and 104 milliseconds (T2 junior LEDs). Two transistors are used to provide extra current away from the 200 mA limit of the 555 timer. A single LED is placed in vogue run with the center of the PNP transistor so with the aim of the inferior 20 LEDs ride inedible at what time the 555 output goes superior in the course of the T1 instance interval. The high output level of the 555 timer is 1.7 volts fewer than the supply voltage.

Motorcycle LED Lights

tallying the LED increases the accelerate voltage mandatory designed for the PNP transistor to a propos 2.7 volts so to the 1.7 volt difference from supply to the output is insufficient to turn on the transistor. both LED is supplied with about 20mA of current for a complete of 220mA. The circuit must labor with bonus LEDs up to about 40 used for both cluster, before 81 total. The circuit resolve too work with fewer LEDs so it possibly will come to pass assembled and tested with righteous 5 LEDs (two groups of two plus solitary) earlier than calculation the others.

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