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High-End Power Amplifier Wiring Circuit

As the causes of the heat sink mounting surface to approximately 6 mm from the edge of the circle are fixed, assuming that the amplifier circuits mounted directly on the rails. This means that the leads of the transistors must be folded twice, so they are positioned properly, without a permanent mechanical stress in transistors. For high output transistors, the first corner a little closer to the plastic packaging than expected (in the wide part), otherwise the son of the rails or not to strike. Another possibility, which has the disadvantage that it weakens the structure, it is to grind enough metal in appropriate locations, to provide sufficient clearance. We have consciously rejected that option.

High-End Power Amplifier Wiring Diagram

Once you have taken on these details and transistors can be easily placed on the free flat heatsink with her son through the holes in the circuit you can use the locations of the holes on the back mark of the radiators. Of course you must do so before the transistors are soldered to the track but is according to the holes for the final determination of the amplification circuits made in the base plate. Once the output transistors and their driver were mounted on the heat sink and soldered to the boards, the bottom plate can be removed easily.

Be careful not too much force on the terminals of the transistors, if the plates are exposed in this way.
Power transistors T14 and T15 must be mounted on heatsink bs with insulators (mica discs), while the other three transistors (Til, T12 and T13) can be screwed directly onto the heat sink. Make sure you use thermal paste to all the transistors.

After all the holes for the remaining circuits, transformers, switches and lights (front) and the ventilation slots in the chassis, you can screw up everything and you install the wiring.

Use well-designed audio cable connected to the input of the amplifier boards on the terminals in the vicinity of the inputs on the board overdrive display. With the two ground terminals to the input jacks for connecting the housing to the grounds of the two channels. This will avoid creating loops. The inputs to the outputs of the amplifier are in the middle of the board control overdrive removed. The best way to connect, to use thin, flexible cable, to connect the output jacks.

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