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DIN Valve Connectors for Solenoids

Solenoids are versatile components used for various industrial purposes. They're quite simple, consisting of a coil and a spring-loaded plunger within a suitable housing. This simple arrangement is used in a variety of industrial automation procedures, including complex machine building, pneumatic valves, hydraulic valves, robotics, pressure switches, transducers and solenoid valves. Real-world applications extend to on-vehicle cranes, lifting equipment and even garbage trucks.

 DIN Valve Connectors for Solenoids
Since they are used in so many kinds of industrial applications, solenoids have to face a range of operating conditions. Water, dust and dirt ingress are the most common operating conditions that threaten the operation of a solenoid, by preventing smooth movement of the rod.

Molex make external-threaded DIN Valve Connectors that have excellent sealing properties along with superior cable retention. This increases the performance and reliability of their solenoids. By simplifying the manufacturing processes, Molex reduces the overall applied costs for all types of solenoids used in electromagnetic, pneumatic and hydraulic devices.

Molex make external-threadedMolex has provided several features and benefits in their simple but innovative design -
• The external nut is ergonomically designed for greater and consistent torque providing uniform sealing between connector and cable. The cable retention force is now 115%, offering improved reliability.
• The customer's inventory is reduced, since PG9, PG11 and cables of outer diameter up to 9mm can be accommodated.
• Errors are eliminated, as an incorrectly-sized installer cannot be used. The front gasket is integrated and self-retaining within the housing, preventing it from being misplaced during assembly.
• Handling, wire routing and speed of assembly is increased by via the 30% increase in internal volume because of external nut design. Speed of assembly is further reduced since the connector is supplied disassembled.
• Plus / minus screwheads enable air tools to be used for volume production. In the field an operator can use either a flat or a Phillips-head screwdriver.