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Car Audio Amplifier Instalation Guide

Amplifier and speakers wiring. The amplifier does not always come with wire connection. You need a kit amp wiring harness sold separately. It is important to adjust the harness to the vehicle you have, to the right frequency and sound. The red wires (positive) is thicker than black (ground). A 12 -, 10 – or 8-gauge wire or lower is better sound quality.

Car Audio Amplifier Instalation Guide

Connecting the power cable and head unit. Disconnect the negative battery cable car, then the positive. Connect the red amplifier (positive) to the positive battery cable. Strip one end of the thread about half an inch and squeeze the cable connector U-Connect the positive terminal of the battery and tighten. Slide the other end through the firewall of your car, which is located towards the rear under the hood. Drag the interior and on the back of the torso. You may need to unscrew the bottom plate on each side and pull the seat back to move the thread. Black lead to an O-ring and screws for the metal of the cars to squeeze into the trunk.

Check if your head unit has suspended two AV, the ends of the women. If not, you have to buy one and have it installed. AV wire supplied with the kit must be long enough to reach from the amplifier in the trunk of the radio. Connect the ends of the red and white male to the female ends of the amplifier and the radio. Then connect the son of the subwoofer amplifier. Connect the negative terminal of the battery.

Turn the key to your car and listen to the radio at low volume. Not at full power crank. You get a distorted sound, or a speaker can blow the air. You will feel the vibration in the car audio system.

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