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5.1 Classic Home Theater System - Energy

Low Distortion and Resonance - spokesman method is distortion- otherwise resonance-without charge, but Energy has achieved a significantly decrease distortion level, a plainly audible perfection.

Classic Home Theater System

The Take Classic 5.1 home theater system also offers terrific performance and great features:

  • Our patented Convergent Source Module (CSM) 3-edge your way poly-titanium woofer and .75-inch hyperbolic aluminum-field tweeter -the kindness of Energy speakers
  • Patented corrugated Elliptical Surround woofers create from top to toe efficiency, low distortion
  • An aluminum auditorium tweeter on behalf of sonic accuracy
  • Front and rear venting for additional powerful low response
Take Classic raises the piece for 5.1 narrator classification performance. It includes a powerful 200-watt subwoofer with a front-firing seaport, 8-shuffle driver and wavy Elliptical Surround™ in support of deep with the intention of you feel when much as hear. The Convergent Source Module (CSM), with its 3-shuffle poly-titanium woofer and .75-inch hyperbolic aluminum-pitch tweeter, focuses sound for clearer dialogue and stirring melody. The CSM gives soundtracks a dynamic frequency range and a colossal soundstage, used for smooth, realistic sound from every one satellite lecturer and the base channel. song and motion picture lovers rejoice. Take Classic puts the passion back into your favorite films.
Exclusive Energy® Brand Technologies

Convergent Source Module
The Convergent Source Module, before CSM, provides broad dispersion, low distortion and amazing midrange performance. The lecturer's midrange and tweeter are positioned inside close proximity to individual an alternative and accomplish seeing that a single source, by this means increasing overall dispersion and falling some lobing effect. The chambering of the middle and tweeter lowers the driver's resonance, plummeting distortion.

wavy Elliptical Surround knowledge
Energy's patented ridged Elliptical Surround technology (U.S. patent #6,725,967, Canadian patent #2,407,123) increases excursion, eliminates distortion and raises efficiency on woofers and subwoofers. The Elliptical Surround encompasses the conduit, allowing it to move identically concerning both instructions, follow-on in come up to nil distortion. And while standard designs are often plagued with surround dimpling, which causes them to give off in and off of segment and distort on all listening levels, Energy's designs aren't influenced by dimpling on all, as a substitute proprietary grooved Elliptical Surround expertise allows representing a better conduit come up, resultant trendy greater efficiency. This design as well lets the conduit do greater crest to peak movement, in this way allowing it to travel added than bend in half the distance of the competition. These attributes enable Energy woofers and subwoofers to move incredible amounts of air, ultimately allowing them to joke about drop frequencies with greater low lean-to and fidelity.

come again?'s voguish the Box
A 6-example, soaring spin black place of Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers: 4-Take satellite speakers, 1-faultlessly matched Take interior channel spokeswoman, 1-perfectly matched Take powered subwoofer; 1-owners guide.

Technical Specifications
  • Frequency Response - Sat: 115Hz-20KHz; Center: 110Hz-20KHz; Subwoofer: 33Hz-150Hz +/- 3dB
  • Crossover purpose - 2.9 kHz
  • Sensitivity - 89dB
  • Power use - Sat & core: 100 Watts; Subwoofer: 200 Watts
  • Recommended Amplifier Power - 20 - 100 Watts RMS (permanent)
  • Impedance - 8-ohm compatible
  • Subwoofer adaptable Low Pass Filter - 40Hz-150Hz @ 18dB/octave
  • Tweeter - ¾-shuffle (19 mm) Hyperbolic™ aluminum-ground
  • Woofer - Sat & crux: 3-edge your way poly-titanium; junior: 8" IM cone-shaped tool with Patented grooved Elliptical Surround
  • Dimensions (inches) - Sat: 6 7/8 x 4 1/8 x 4 1/8; Center: 4 1/8 x 10 1/4 x 4 1/8; Subwoofer: 12 5/8 x 12 5/8 x 12 5/8 (add 2 1/6" pro feet)
  • power - Sat: 2.9 lbs; foundation: 3.2 lbs; Subwoofer: 19.7 lbs

Performance Tips: 
The center channel spokeswoman needs to be alive centrally located so so as to the dialogue appears to be approach from the center of the screen. It needs to be more than or else underneath the overseer, while faithfully to it as feasible. If you'on the subject of using a rear projection television, the nearly all likely option is to place it over the screen. If you say a front projection method, you have choices-rack mounting, otherwise placement on furniture, in support of illustration. It is principal, though, to place the orator so to facilitate its front frame is even with the edge of the shelf or else stand underneath it. unsolicited diffraction occurs whilst the foundation channel is too far back into a cabinet or else other exterior with edges with the aim of possibly will impede sound dispersion.

In support of not here or else utterly front channels, the distance concerning the speakers be supposed to live 6-8 feet on smallest amount for the greatest stereo imaging. The optimum extent identity is rectangular, with the speakers along solitary of the shorter walls, facing the opposite margin. If probable, figure out not place speakers hostile to a fence or else by rear of a bookshelf; corner placement is generally the most evil option. Try to keep the speakers-especially rear vented models-next to smallest amount two feet from the plane behind it, save you manipulation a vent plug. pro superlative results mounting on a rear cage up, pose the speakers so they flank the major listening area and item with regard to the front of the opportunity. They be supposed to be situated raised to a height of approximately six feet and ought to ideally give a window of six feet involving them.

The three a good number normal subwoofer locations include corners (which can upshot taking part in boomy otherwise exaggerated low frequency response), placement along a mountain, away from the corner (producing moderate low performance with increased fidelity terminated corner placement), otherwise beside a front spokeswoman (creating a better blend with the front speaker, but sacrificing overall volume). Experimentation with subwoofer placement is highly encouraged; slight adjustments can create giant differences clothed in sound reproduction. To test subwoofer placement, install it in the short term in your chief listening attitude and march around the listening space while on stage a familiar bit of melody until you catch the most excellent sounding position.

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