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240V to 110V AC Inverter

Using this circuit diagram, can be designed a very simple AC voltage converter, which converts the 240V AC power to a voltage of 110V.

Circuit can be successfully used to power electrical devices that require a supply voltage of 110V. If such a device is a purely resistive load, as electric radiator, letcon the circuit described below will be useful. Basically, this is a regulator that ensures the effective output voltage of 110 V. It can be fixed, of course, at another value for the output voltage, if desired.

The most reliable and accurate method for measuring the load voltage is using a voltmeter with real effective value (which indicates the effective value for voltage harmonic). If the voltage across the load is not correct, we change the value of R2.

240V to 110V AC Inverter

Converter can be connected / disconnected from the remote by connecting a switch to 240 volts across REMOTE (jumper will be removed). In this case, command can be done with a voltage of 3-32 V, as shown in diagram. The optocoupler circuit presents the great advantage of isolation of control circuit from the network .

If using a TIC226triac type, the converter can supply currents up to 2 A. If the triac is mounted on a heatsink, the current can reach up to 4 A.