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1200 Watt Subwoofer - Energy ESW-M8 NA

One of the most important speakers in any system, the subwoofer is often relegated to a back corner and nearly forgotten. At Energy, however, we invest a great deal of design time and effort into building the industry’s best subwoofers, offering unparalleled performance and flexibility. The ESW-M8 is no exception. The ESW-M8 subwoofer delivers deep, accurate effects with 1200 peak watts of room-filling power—all from a 9-inch cube.

The ESW-M8 features an 8-inch anodized aluminum cone woofer with Ribbed Elliptical Surround for tight and powerful bass response and two 8-inch anodized aluminum cone passive radiators that eliminate port noise that allows for deep bass extension. With a variable low pass filter of 50Hz-200Hz, you get versatile blending using the built-in crossover or your surround processor. The furniture grade high gloss black cabinet provides versatility and will blend into your d├ęcor. It’s the ideal companion to any front, center, and surround channels, whether you’re looking to achieve a 5.1 system or a 5.1 on the Richter scale.

Ribbed Elliptical Surround

This tiny beast features our patented Ribbed Elliptical Surrounds, which mates perfectly with a powerful amplifier to provide your audio experience with plenty of pure bass. The Ribbed Elliptical Surrounds that encircle Energy's products' woofers are unlike any other. By changing the shape of the speaker surround to an ellipse, rather than the traditional "half roll," distortion is reduced dramatically. Side benefits include increased excursion and larger piston area, allowing for greater efficiency. Energy's cast basket woofers also feature this technology, allowing the surround to stretch and contract as it moves, eliminating dimpling.

Selectable Auto Power Switch

The featured power switch can be set to either On, Off or Auto. If the switch is in the Off position, the subwoofer will not power up. If the switch is in the On position, it will constantly remain on. If the switch is set to the Auto position, when a signal is present the subwoofer will turn on and will automatically turn off several minutes after a signal is no longer present.

Low-Pass Filter and Phase Controls

The low-pass filter control allows for the adjustment of the low-pass filter. Adjustments can infinitely be made from 50Hz to 200Hz. This will determine the highest frequency that the subwoofer will reproduce for a custom sound fitted to your room. Setting the crossover too low will create a gap between the frequency response of the front speakers and that of the subwoofer, while setting the crossover frequency too high will create a doubling of certain frequencies, making the music sound boomy.

The phase control switch allows for the adjustment of the phase of the subwoofer, in relation to the speakers used in your system, from 0 to 180 degrees, to give your home theater system the right balance. This control ensures that the subwoofer operates in phase with the rest of the system, as an out of phase subwoofer will either sound like it is lacking in bass performance or that its timing is off. This setting will be determined by your listening position, the characteristics of your listening room and its interaction with your Energy subwoofer.

About Energy

Energy, admittedly, is a bold name for a speaker. Fortunately for you, you’re looking at some highly dynamic audio generators. We’re talking crystal clear dialogue. Big booms, bangs, and ka-thuds from your favorite flicks. And music that’ll rock your soul. That’s what you get when teams of dedicated engineers work alongside expert designers. For more than 30 years, they’ve been researching the scientific principles of sound and using the most modern materials available. They’ve fine-tuned each speaker according to the three major aspects of loudspeaker performance: wide dispersion, low distortion, and flat frequency response. And they’ve customized and re-customized every little component, resulting in one-of-a-kind modifications like our patented Ribbed Elliptical Surrounds, for better bass, and the Convergent Source Module (CSM), for accurate sound. And, while all that audio research is great, in the end all that matters is that when you crank the volume, what you’ll hear is sound perfected. What you’ll feel is pure Energy.