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1000 Watts Power Amplifier - 2SA1216 2SC2922

The DIY 1000 Watts Millenium Amplifier Sanken Power Transistors 2SA1216 2SC2922
Has also shown live on board DC power (a second kind of order point, removable) and effective protection of short circuit. A system with new signal amplifier bias at + / – 100 volts, made completely safe for millennium end of the operation of our limits: + / – 70 volts and results in the maximum specified output power of 250 watts 8 ohms. The circuit is also stable with only + / – 15 volts and can then operate at only 6 Watts output power.

1000 Watts 2SA1216 2SC2922
This Millenium Amplifier Sanken Power Transistors 2SA1216 2SC2922 in bridge mode at up to 1000 watts 8 ohms and 2000 watts into 4 ohms can be achieved without conversion circuits. This is due to the input circuit of the Millennium, both positive and negative signal inputs. Even for the balanced XLR connector. (The common mode rejection exceeds 90 dB).

No IC found in the signal path (only for DC power and short circuit protection are used), no feedback at all, not even the locals, makes this amp sound good with any kind of high speakers.

The DIY 1000 Watts Millenium Amplifier Sanken Power Transistors 2SA1216 2SC2922 circuit diagram shows how the simple and ingenious principle of this amplifier is designed. No feedback loops (100% non-return), no capacitors or IC in the signal path. The section of the frequency response from DC to 500,000 Hz (0-3 dB), so that each signal of the music from the deepest bass to the highest of the air flows freely through the end of the millennium come to the ears.

Protection of short circuit 1000 Watts Millenium Amplifier Sanken Power Transistors 2SA1216 2SC2922 does not affect the signal. It monitors only the currect consumed by the speakers. If overloaded, the signal for a few seconds will be closed. Then the end will try again on line, but if it is still a little bit, it’s right next to the other for a few seconds. If staying low, the amplifier wait for days, until the load conditions are acceptable. Then he will play as if nothing had happened! It is a very efficient system overload protection, which we copied from our range of professional PA amplifiers.

Thank you for the construction of the reinforcement, which can in many ways innovative technology, we offer a kit amplifier platform that sets the boundaries of musicality always easy and fluid with great precision audio quality.
These are items that you would normally pay up to 10 times higher prices would be compared to what the final cost of the Millennium, in part, because you assemble yourself, saving labor costs.

What would replace the sound quality of these come into force in a way that makes the amplifier. his thin and hard turning level, and also a significant loss of detail at higher levels in the lower levels compared. This is because the number of errors, of course, increases with the power to correct.

In non-feedback amplifier, there is no circuit to the input compared with the output signal. Therefore, the designer must ensure that no distortion occurs not at any stage of the amplifier. This requires more use of linear components and high quality available worldwide. Instead of the High-High-Gain Amplifier Installation normal distortion, amplifier non-response was 3.2 gain stages, low distortion and low, are cascading the gain entirely adequate.

This kind of amplifier does not have the problems described above, and will sound exactly the same in high and low. Also revealed it will provide, add a better control of the bass speakers, and their best performance. This is because when the electricity demand of membranes or decellerate you accelerate, it can jump from the stage at a time. It is not provided because of the current increase – more correction in the amplifier circuit together.

In an amplifier feedback loop normal, the extra electricity to keep the output voltage must be at the right level based on the input voltage through the feedback loop provided. I think now return you to understand the benefits of the art of no. To avoid that, to correct the distortion of the feedback loops, we use more linear power transistors in the world: SANKEN 2SA1216 2SC2922

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  2. cual es el diagrama esta interesante porfavor a mi correo el circuito completo
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  3. cual es el diagrama esta interesante porfavor a mi correo el circuito completo
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