Sunday, May 06, 2012

Dayton Amplifier SA1000

How Bridging Dayton Amplifier SA1000 - commonly used among the do-it-yourself passive subwoofer power. Amplifier, valued at close to 500 watts at eight ohms and over 900 in four Ohm, subwoofer driver capable of driving range. Bridging the amplifier to take the most power may sometimes desirable, depending on the individual needs of the audio. 

Dayton Amplifier SA1000

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  • Accessing back amplifier and found four clear plastic binding posts on rear panel.
  • Strip 1/2 inch outer insulation of the cable end from the speaker to the subwoofer amplifier. Play a piece of wire tightly on each conductor.
  • Remove the lower knurled button at the bottom of the banana plug. This shows the hole in the center of the plug body.
  • Slide the speaker wire into the hole on a banana plug. Match the red wire to the red line on a banana plug. Repeat for the black wire and black striped banana plug.
  • Slide the red wire into the hole below the end of the set of binding posts marked with a red strip. Repeat for the black wire.

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