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Alarm System Circuit 5 Zone

This is a complete alarm technique with 5 self-governing zones fit in favor of a tiny organization or else to your house nature. It uses slightly 3 CMOS IC's and skin tone a timed submission / exit zone, 4 immediate zones and a panic button. nearby are indicators for both zone a "scheme armed" indicator. The schematic is at the same time as follows:

Alarm System Circuit 5 Zone

Circuit remarks
both zone uses a normally stopped up write to. These can ensue micro switches otherwise standard alarm contacts (frequently reed switches). right and proper switches can be bought from alarm shops and concealed fashionable gate frames, before window ledges.

Zone 1 is a timed zone which necessity be situated used in the function of the submission and exit feature of the building. Zones 2 - 5 are immediate zones, which choice trigger the alarm with veto delay. several RF invulnerability is provided pro extensive wiring runs by the input capacitors, C1-C5. C7 and R14 too form a transient suppressor. The main switch acts the same as the normal/Unset and Reset switch. For nice security this ought to subsist the metal type with a key.

by switch on, C6 choice charge via R11, this acts as the exit delay and is set to around 30 seconds. This can be altered by unstable either C6 before R11. once upon a time the timing dot has elapsed, LED6 will light, gist the regularity is armed. LED6 may perhaps transpire mounted externally (on the bell box on behalf of case) and provides visual indication with the purpose of the system has set. one time set some get in touch with that opens motivation trigger the alarm, counting Zone 1. To prevent triggering the alarm on entrance to the building, the concealed regarding-entry switch be obliged to live operated. This will discharge C6 and start the entry timer. The re-entry switch may well be a concealed reed switch, located anywhere dressed in a entry frame, but indistinguishable to the eye. The panic switch, after hard-pressed, wish trigger the alarm when backdrop. Relay contacts RLA1 provide the latch, RLA2 organize the warning otherwise buzzer.