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X-Ray Protector Circuits

A protector system that is applied at the beginning of the television technique, therefore most often found on old aircraft models. If the high voltage anode of the picture tube flyback tranfo exceed the permitted limit, the picture tube can generate x-rays from the anode and shadowmask are bombarded by electrons at high speed. To avoid this problem then mounted x-ray surge protector circuit , which automatically "horizontal section will be turned off" if the high voltage from the flyback over.

X-Ray vertical protect
X-Ray vertical protect

The workings of x-ray protector:

  • High voltage flyback sampled (generally taken from the pin-heater), rectified and is derived using a divider (devider) that uses a resistor-type high-precision resistor. Sample voltage is used to determine whether the condition is normal flyback voltage or over.
  • A "zener diode" as a voltage sensor connected to the sample. In normal conditions the amount of the sample voltage is below the zener voltage of diode so that the condition "off" or is not transparent.
  • Suppose there is a sudden event increased flyback voltage - the voltage will rise above the sample diode voltage value, which causes the diode "on" or voltage through the diode, which would trigger protectionist active work.

Problems that can lead to x-ray active protector works:

  • Damage that causes the power supply voltage B + or incorrect adjustment over
  • Resonant capacitor to the collector of transistor HOT off the decline or solder
  • Tranfo replacement flyback mounted do not match.
  • Damage to one part in the sensor circuit protectors x-ray alone

X-ray Protect Circuit
X-ray Protect Circuit