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TV Protect Circuit Dead or Damaged ?

Television set equipped with a circuit protector, then there are several possibilities that could occur if there is a problem on one of the circuits. Protect circuit horizontal part - When turned on the horizontal plane will live for a while, but then died again. At the time of death when measured on the horizontal driver indicates that no drive signal. If the power jack unplugged then try to turn on again then repeated a similar incident will happen again. But if if the base of the transistor or transistor try to open removable drive signal was viable.

Protect circuit of microcontroll - If checked the voltage at pin microcontrol power on-off control, power control is turned on when the plane going "on" for a while then back "off". If you unplugged the power jack will power "on" again, but briefly and then keep coming back "off". On certain models sometimes die when the aircraft was marked with the blazing LED indicators blink. Protect circuit tube - aircraft can be turned on but a dark raster. 
IC protek protek rusak
Protect IC

Tested voltage raster screen can be raised to normal flame or flame a horizontal line. Protect circuit the power supply - if enabled aircraft B + voltage of power supply there for a while but then lost or drops. Or the power supply voltage drops and there is but little rocking voltage, which is caused due to power supply to the death over and over again and again. There are models of televisions that do not use the protector system at all, there is only one system that uses a surge protector, but there are also some systems which use a surge protector as well. System protectors are made available for specific purposes. Keep track of the damage that led to protect circuit is sometimes difficult, because it always turns itself off the plane before we can make measurements. By getting to know a wide range of system protectors and understand how it works it will help overcome these difficulties.

Various kinds of protectors television system:
  • Protectors x-ray
  • Vertical Protectors
  • Protectors B + over current (OCP)
  • Protectors B + over voltage (OVP)
  • ABL Protectors
  • Supply voltage surge protector (if short or broken)
  • Protectors white balance
  • Protectors circuit power supply (SMPS)