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Temperature, Pressure, Load, Force, & Other Sensors

LMP90xxx personal - Multi-Channel 16- & 24-small piece Sensor AFEs
The LMP90xxx Sensor AFE family skin the industry's merely low-power, fully configurable 16- and 24-spot ΣΔ ADCs with veritable constant background calibration, eliminating get and offset drift larger than while and high temperature and making them ideal in support of essential performance and low power applications.

LMP90100 Bridge and Temperature Sensors
LMP90100 Bridge and Temperature Sensors
  • Multi-channel Sensor AFE with a 16- before 24-smidgen Sigma Delta ADC underlying
  • Flexible, programmable mux (4 differential, 7 single-ended, or else a combination inputs)
  • permanent background sensor diagnostics reduces downtime and improves procedure efficiency
  • Quick design and evaluation
  • Ideal used for sharp-precision, multi-sensor hotness, pressure, load, and force applications
  • industrialized, process control, health check, and test & measurement applications
LMP90xxx Sensor AFE Portfolio
ResolutionCurrent SourcesInputs
4 Diff / 7 SE2 Diff / 4 SE