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TDA7496 Low Noise Power Amplifier

Audio amplifier circuit given away now is a 5W stereo grade AB power amplifier based on the TDA7496 IC designed in favor of high-level quality sound.

TDA7496 Low Noise Power Amplifier Circuit
TDA7496 Low Noise Power Amplifier
The power supply required obligation cede 22 volts for 8 ohms load impedance and 12 volts for 4 ohms load impedance . The highest output power which can be located obtained with this audio IC is around 5.5 watts on 8 ohms load with 10 % THD and 4 watts with 1 % THD.

focal skin of the TDA7496 include linear volume control ,standpoint-by and Mute functions , 2 x 5Watt output power, undersized circuit protection , thermal overload protection.
  • greatest extent ratings of TDA7496 IC
  • Supply Voltage: 35 against
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 8 Vpp
  • full Power Dissipation (Tamb = 80°C): 15 W
  • Operating fever: 0 to 70 °C
  • cargo space and Junction fever: -40 to 150 °C
  • Volume CTRL DC voltage: 7 vs.