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Stereo Amplifier for Laptop

Miniature Stereo amplifier,low power, a lesser amount of procedure, IC TDA7025 is the major equipment. undertaking of the circuit, the sign split into absent and well through the capacitor coupling of C1, C2 is a adaptable resistor VR1 adjusts the strength of the input signals to connection amplifiers power suppliers IC1-. IC2, serves to amplify the indicate up, drive not worth it the speakers absent - right.

Stereo Amplifier for Laptop
Stereo Amplifier for Laptoo Schematic Circuit
Resistors R1, R2 regulate the input impedance to the circuit box,The capacitor C4, the current filter to smooth and C1 reduce racket, and penetrating frequency, follow-on from the power supply to ground. It helps to stabilize the circuit.

Circuit power supply: 6-volt battery or else batteries, just 4 watts of output power up to 1.5 watts by the side of 8-ohm speakers to the sound of insignificant box, data lines, videotape player. It’s a light or else sound. refusal lone was banned. individual has a headset jack or else the phone becomes offered.