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Protectors Circuit on SMPS (power supply)

The simplest example SMPS which still uses 3 transistors (C3807, A1015 and power transistors) classic problem that often occurs is: - Problem in the feedback circuit can cause the output voltage B + over so that it can endanger the aircraft as a whole. For example elco erupted, pcb burnt burnt by over-heated, horizontal transistor short.

- Problem on feedback circuits may cause power regulator transistor is damaged due to over current transistor (eg, due to the 47k resistor transistor circuit on the secondary error detector value is delayed).
- If the input ac voltage drops can cause the power regulator transistor is damaged, due to over current transistor If the secondary there is a power transistor short can cause damage over current regulator.
- Protectors are designed to make the SMPS SMPS "reliable will not be damaged" if there are things that go wrong as mentioned above. 

Switching Mode Power Supply protect Circuit
SMPS Circuit

SMPS circuit using IC systems generally are designed with a surge protector, which include:
  • Over voltage protector (OVP)
  • Over current protector (OCP)
  • Over load protector
  • Short circuit protector
  • Over temperature protector