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pH Sensors LMP91200

The LMP91200 is a configurable sensor AFE instead of manage indoors low power analytical sensing applications. The LMP91200 is designed for 2-electrode sensors. This device provides all of the functionality looked-for to detect changes based on a delta voltage on the sensor. Optimized pro low-power applications, the LMP91200 machinery completed a voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V. With its tremendously low input bias current it is optimized for use with pH sensors.

pH Sensors LMP91200 Circuit Diagram Schematics

  • Programmable output current in the field of warmth measurement
  • Programmable Output unexceptional mode voltage
  • working guarding
  • On board sensor test
  • Ideal in favor of pH sensor platforms
Datasheet LMP91200 - DOWNLOAD [PDF]