Thursday, April 19, 2012

NE5532 - Class A Power Amplifier

With the final amplifier we called. Regional Power Amp, self-control it effect on several well-notorious in the function of group of students A, Class B, Class AB and so forth. both class of the exceeding, to honor the Class A was better to the sound quality. greatest. However, class A power output to a low of 20 percent compared with a loss of power before the power consumption of regarding 5 period the power output. Therefore, the trouble of leg Although it has not paid a few audio. But anyway, despite the low-watt power, it as well provides sparkler tidy sound quality than period B and Class AB.

NE5532 Class A Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
NE5532 Class A Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram
Ethics of integrated amplifier class A is IC1 - NE5532 to develop indicate input through the C1 to proliferation 15-fold. The signal output from the pin 1, signal hemisphere assured through C2 to access Q1-BD139 and Q3-2N3055. is powered by dear ton, amplifiers and gesture the intensification of the no characteristic of C3 through the amplifier with the Q2-BD140 and Q4-MJ2955. This is the beloved ton, too. after that the output signal from the helpful side of the pin E of the Q3 and the off-putting border of the pin unfashionable of the E concerning Q4 through R10 and R11, to prevent brief circuits and therefore output to the speakers. This bidding power up to 5 watts. The D1-D4 acts while a rectifier in the DC bias in favor of Q1 and Q2. And VR1 is adjusted to a constant current bias is next to masterpiece. The Q1-Q4 will be situated attached sheet cooled, Q3 and Q4, especially the thermal plate have got to be sizeable. for the reason that the circuit has high spot energy loss

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