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Low Output Power Amplifier

This Low Output Power circuit was a presented,it can go power output around 1 Watt, whilst connected to a power supply 9 volt. The pro of this Low Output Power Amplifier is with the purpose of it uses a dual dear ton to enhance the size at the same time as much as of input impedance about 20 Meg ohm. This circuit unlike other circuits,the input impedance is a constant about 20 Meg ohm each time, whether to adjust the volume control on several level.

Low Output Power Amplifier Circuit Schematic
Low Output Power Amplifier Diagram Schematic
The components participating in the circuit, it is tightfisted, especially the BC549 transistor output amount after the increase force be present very distorted, it have got to reduce the current level to a safe By dipping the volume down. The sector output in place of the R1 and C1 in order to reduce the oscillator profit is, the truth to the output sector, with an op-amp acts drive dual complementary.