Sunday, April 15, 2012

LMP91000 Chemical & Gas Sensors

Chemical & gas Sensors

The LMP91000 low-power swap gossip and compound Sensor AFE provides flexible bias (sensor drive), sensitivity, and ample dynamic range happening an integrated solution in support of multiple sensing applications. For case, a toxic chatter sensing diligence with the purpose of now could require several boards and up to 25 components is concentrated to a moment ago individual LMP91000 chatter sensor AFE.
lmp91000 chemical gas sensors.
lmp91000 chemical gas sensors.

  • Single analog design meant for multiple gases and chatter concentrations
  • Programmable cell bias and TIA reward
  • Integrated heat sensor for exterior temp monitoring / correction
  • Quick design and evaluation
  • Ideal for micro-power chatter and element sensing applications
Datasheet LMP91000 - Download - Product Detail

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