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LA4460 Simple Audio Amplifier

A unpretentious audio amplifier circuit can happen designed using the LA4460 IC . This circuit is very simple and require little exterior electronic components . The LA4460 IC is in fact used on behalf of car broadcasting or else car audio power amplifier and could provide output power up to 12 W. But at home this circuit is solitary used 5W.
LA4460 Audio Amplifier Circuit
LA4460 Audio Amplifier Circuit
This amplifier circuit can come about used for car means of communication applications , small screen , or else around other audio circuits so as to don’t require vast power .
  1. work 12VDC to supply the circuit.
  2. Mount the LA4460 IC  with an appropriate high temperature sink
  3. Some of as a rule worthy skin of the LA4460 IC are : reverse connection protection , muting function,thermal runaway protection circuit ,completed voltage & pitch voltage protection circuit, load stunted-circuit current limiting protection circuit, output pins DC short-circuit protection.