Monday, April 23, 2012

Kit Telephone Amplifier

Not a speakerphone, but a high performance isolated input amplifier that connects directly to a telephone line. Unlike a lot of amplifiers, this one provides both speaker output and line output. Speaker output is perfect for “group listen? applications with standard telephones for group gatherings without the inconvenience and interruption of vox operated speakerphones. 

Kit Telephone Amplifier
Kit Telephone Amplifier

The K4900 also features line level output designed to be connected to the aux input of any standard audio mixer or amplifier. This makes it perfect for radio stations, home broadcasters, and larger applications that need to connect their phone line into their systems. Features a standard isolation transformer input for zero loading of the phone line. Speaker output is a half watt into 8 ohms. Line output is 0dB (.775Vrms). The circuit runs on 7-10VAC or 9-12VDC at 150mA.
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