Monday, April 16, 2012

IC Amplifier with HA13118

IC amplifier 18 watt circuit is an IC digit HA13118 Hitachi powerfully. with the intention of the IC yearn for take place integrated amplifiers, categorize AB. And this cycle is to assistance a association circuit. to the same degree a answer, growth toll up to 55 dB. And pressure from 8-18 volt the current 1-2 amps, with not as much of than 0.2% distortion by 1W. And response. frequencies from 30 Hz-30 kHz.

IC Amplifier with HA13118 Circuit Diagram
IC Amplifier with HA13118 Circuit Diagram
As entering the power supply circuit, and paid into the audio input. The audio is through VR1 adjusts the level of the audio sign. And pass the C1 coupling signal. The C2 eliminate the interference. From the audio signal to come to pass sent through to the input pin on pin 3 of IC1. so as to this circuit to circuit modish the form of conduit circuits otherwise expansion of the not here navigation. And restore channels laid back, to follow a elevated watt power. The observations from the pin 15 which is the output of absent channel speakers are connected to individual fringe. And the other side of the speakers are connected to the output of pin 8, which is the output of the right. The C7 and C8 acting reaction hint to the circuit’s frequency response is better. The C9, C10, R1 and R2 willpower wait on unconcerned the campaign. And C11, C12 serve to filter the light as it should be to prevent several din shock.

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