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How to check TV Flyback

There are actually several kinds of tools that can be used for check whether flybak damaged. But we have a simple way we have always done for ascertain whether flybak damaged or is still good, before replacing the horizontal transistor. All it takes is a light bulb with an added Exciter 100Watt cable connection along approximately 25cm.

The trick determine if flyback damaged or is still good is as follows :
How to check TV Flyback
  1. Break up the relationship between the collector of transistor horizontal flyback-out. By (a) Open collector aspirated by means of the printed board solder, or (b) Remove the jumper cables if any, or (b) Cutting prited path.
  2. Ac volt-meter pairs of horizontal transistor base with a ground out.
  3. Turn on the plane a little while - there must be an ac voltage of about 1v. This is done is for ensure that the horizontal oscillator and driver are working horizontally.
  4. Replace light bulb between the collector of transistor flyback horizontal (light diseri the collector).
  5. Turn on the plane while alternately measured heater voltage, screen (screen VR max).
  6. If no defective flyback voltage means. Usually marked with a light bulb that lights a little brighter.
  7. If the flyback is usually a good heater ac voltage is approximately 1 to 2v, screen voltage around 150v. Usually marked with a light bulb that lights dimmed.
  8. Measurements must be done quickly, because if the plane using circuit protectionism - protectionism will actively work then.
Defective flyback symptoms include:
  • Tr horizontal collapsed immediately replaced by new
  • B + voltage drops

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