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How Regulator with 2 Photocoupler

Working of Regulator with 2 Photocoupler that is :
  • Photocoupler N901 - used as a coupling-off control on the regulator by mikrokontrol. Which is set high and low voltage B + (st-by at the B + voltage is low). Control of the pin-37 POWER mikrokontrol → V610 → VD913 V908 → N901.
  • Photocoupler N903 - used to control on-off the regulator of X-ray circuit protector. X-ray protector circuit of flyback → VD451 → VD452 → SCR VS472. If the flyback voltage regulator over the job will automatically be turned off by N903
  • To disable the X-ray circuit protector, it can be temporarily removed photocoupler N903 first. In normal conditions the voltage at the transistor V474 should be zero.

Regulator Schematics with 2 photcoupler
Regulator Schematics
Trobelshuting there is no voltage for 5v st-by on the secondary :

Regulator Schematics 5 V
  1. Disable by removing the first circuit protectors N903
  2. Check the voltage of 300V
  3. Check all transistors
  4. Check the start voltage of 300V by R909 >> R906 to the base of transistor power regulator
  5. Check the feedback C910 >> R904 (to oscillate)