Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier Circuit LM1875

This circuit is the audio amplifier circuit has a very common single.This is a austere circuit. insignificant pieces of equipment. And Watt are climax.The circuit uses IC integer LM1875, which is under the protection circuit IC output or else Too condensed circuit. And a sizeable distortion in the same way as low as 0.015% on a frequency of 1kHz.

Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier Circuit LM1875

This circuit uses optimistic, downbeat ground power supply to get a hold the audio hint with both halves of the signal swing, positive and negative halves,The sound with the aim of came unconscious gemstone bright.production is. while paying into the audio input. Audio is through R1, R2, C1 and R3 to limit the audio hint appropriately.And limit the din to the input signal assorted down to the sends a signal to racket to the input pin of IC 1.A noninterting pin, amplifier non-return point.Out of the 4 output pins to access the speakers.The R6 and C4 eliminate blast assorted with the output down to the ground.And a new part of the audio output pin 4 of integrated circuit want come to pass fed back into place through R5 to pin 2, which R4 and R5 determines the rate of boost up, can be calculated from R5/R4,will secure equal to 15 epoch, With a C2 to touch climax frequencies better.

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