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The SEN-1327 LPG chatter Sensor Module is designed to enable LPG detection interface to Microcontroller devoid of ADC Channels. It allows to determine while a set LPG chatter level has been reached otherwise exceeded. Interfacing with the sensor module is made through a 4-pin SIP title and requires lone I/O pin from the host microcontroller.

The onboard microcontroller provide preliminary heating interval bearing in mind powerup and therefore starts to meassure LPG sensor output.If it found the LPG contents exceeding setted estimate, it self-control tell the Host controller by pulling the Output Pin to elevated and Starts to blink a onboard status LED. The sensor module is for the most part intended to provide a revenue of comparing LPG sources and being able to prearranged an alarm limit whilst the source becomes unnecessary.
SEN1327 pins configuration and photo


SEN-1327 module skin texture
  • Uses the MQ-6 LPG gab Sensor
  • undemanding SIP interface
  • Compatible with largely microcontrollers
  • Onboard Status and Power LED
  • Onboard Pot representing threshold setting
  • On board microcontroller

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