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DIY Solid State Relay

Individual benefit of solid-state relay (SSR) above normal electro-magnetic relay (EMR) is its tear and wear emancipated surgical treatment. S201S01 from clear-cut is a superior paradigm. at this juncture is the circuit diagram of a DIY SSR project, which is all the rage truth an isolated triac power controller.

DIY Solid State Relay Circuit Diagram
DIY Solid State Relay Circuit Schematic
The switching output from one dc circuit can exist connected to pin 1 of opto-isolator (IC1) through a right current limiting resistor. Pin 2 of IC1 is stuck.
Pin 6 of IC1 is connected to lone foremost terinal of Triac (T1) through resistor R1 and pin 4 drives the gate terminal of T1.

To limit the rate of adjust of voltage, a snubber circuit (R2-C1) is added across T1.
at what time current passes through the inner LED of IC1, internal diac is triggered and the diac provides the gate pulse to T1. at this moment T1 is fired to drive the ac mains operated load by the side of its output.

past construction of the solid state relay on a joint pcb, enclose the undivided circuit appearing in a very unimportant ABS job. Now drill correct holes to mount four labelled input and output terminals. Since switching is accomplished by triac T1, don’t converge the domestic parts while AC supply is plugged in.

image src : electroschematics