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9 Volt Audio Power Amplifier

This is an audio amplifier to facilitate can be there used with a miniature 9 volt Battery Operated,Current draw on since insufficiently as 5 milliamps.And amplification up to 500 mW. Which is sufficient to spread out the sound from a sound almost or else the recording stroll guy vetoed to the minor speakers evidently.

9 Volt Audio Power Amplifier Circuit
9 Volt Audio Power Amplifier
Once entering the power supply 9-volt circuit IC1 total LM386 amplifier IC size is 300-800 mW, Depending on the power supply circuit with,This is from 4-15 volts. once upon a time entered into the input pin 3,The non inverting pin to amplifier non-return time.C1 resolve occur served remove out the clatter input to ground.And C2 increases the rate of amplifier,C2 is to add supplementary help.But if the C2 Too much distortion (the C2 must not exceed 100uF).The output of IC1 is out cold of the pin 5 through C4 coupling audio signals to better and DC blockade and not voted for to the spokesperson.on behalf of the audio portion bidding besides befall fed back through R2 and C3 to the above what is usual frequency response better.

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