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TA8215 4 Channel Power Amplifier CIrcuit

 This circuit is a hardly singular for the reason that it is a 4 channel amplifier. each one channel of this amplifier can furnish with an output of 15Watts into a 4 ohm amplifier. Using IC TA8215 The amplifier can subsist operated from a single 12V DC supply and this makes it likely to spend this amplifier happening car audio applications too.

The circuit is based on the 15W BTL X 2 channel audio power amplifier IC TA8215 from Toshiba. Even though whittle is specifically designed designed for car audio applications it can stay and used for to your place audio applications. Two TA8215 ICs are used now in order to gain a 4 channel amplifier practice. The circuit is designed almost exactly in the role of for each the use diagram within the ICs datasheet. Pins 7 and 19 are the Vcc pins of the ICs inner integrated power amplifier stages and these pins are connected to the optimistic supply. Pin 9 is the Vcc pin in lieu of ICs interior preamplifier and it is additionally connected to the positive supply. 

TA8215 4 Channel Power Amplifier CIrcuit
Pins 13 and 14 are the domestic power amplifiers ground pins and they are fixed cool and connected to the ground. The in-house preamplifier’s ground pin (pin5) is connected to the regular ground through a 10 Ohm resistor which makes the input ground separated from the common ground by a resistance of 10 ohms and this improves the sound rejection. The 100uF capacitor workings in the function of a power supply de-coupler. The resistor networks connected to the output defenses of both amplifier improves the far above the ground frequency stability. The movable resistors (R3, R4, R12 and R13) facility as the volume controller intended for the corresponding channels.

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