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200 Watt ATX Power Supply

The ATX Power Supply Circuit 200 Watt was available next to here type Power Supply. Please study carefully and look on circuit design photos of ATX Power Supply Circuit 200 Watt to gain factor in sequence.

200 Watt ATX Power Supply Schematic
200 Watt ATX Power Supply Schematic
ATX power supply circuit diagram is enthusiastic in support of distinct laptop, but you might get through this energy provide for other digital campaign. The circuit is built using damage TL494, and can provide you with roughly 200W. It use motivation-wrench transistor circuit with government of output voltage.

Line voltage goes via input filter circuit (C1, R1, T1, C4, T5) towards the viaduct rectifier. what time voltage is switched from 230V to 115V, afterward rectifier mechanism like a doubler. Varistors Z1 and Z2 get overvoltage safe present around the line input. Thermistor NTCR1 limits input electrical current turn over capacitors C5 and C6 are charged. R2 and R3 are lone in support of discharge capacitors correct following disconnecting power supply. after power provide is connected to the line voltage, it follows that by the side of very preliminary are charged capacitors C5 and C6 collectively for on the order of 300V.