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100W with PCB Power Amplifier Circuit

Power Amplifier 100W
High Power Amplifier
Technical Specifications - Characteristics 100W Power Amplifier :
Output power (f=1 KHz, d=0.5 %): 100 W in 8 ohm
Supply voltage: ................ с 40 V
Quiescent current: ............. 50 mA
Maximum current: ............... 2.6 A
Sensitivity: . 600 mV
Frequency response: ............ 10-35000 Hz (-1 dB)
Distortion HD: ................. 0.01 %
Intermodulation dist.: ......... 0.02 %
Signal/noise: 83 dBConstruction

100W Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram :

Part list

L1 : 10 turns with wire 0,5mm turned on a restistor of 1W
If  you use a 4Ohm speaker you will place R3,4,17,23 at the board
If you use a 8Ohm speaker you will place D7 D8 and R28.
For R2 and R16 if you don't find a 0,47Ohm place two of 1 Ohm parallel.
R16 must be 0,47Ohm...the 1Ohm must be a typographical error, take care of this, i haven't tested it.

Printed Circuit Board 100W Power Amplifier PCB:

PCB design Circuit 100W amplifier

component placement

If it does not work :
Check your work for possible dry joints, bridges across adjacent tracks or soldering flux residues that usually cause problems.  Check again all the external connections to and from the circuit to see if there is a mistake there.
- See that there are no components missing or inserted in the wrong places. 
- Make sure that all the polarised components have been soldered the right way round. - Make sure the supply has the correct voltage and is connected the right way round to your circuit. 
- Check your project for faulty or damaged components. If everything checks and your project still fails to work, please contact your retailer and the Smart Kit Service will repair it for you.

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