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Type of UPS | Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS design of the model is divided into several types that produce different performance characteristics:
A. Standby
2. Line Interactive
3. Double Conversion On-Line
4. Delta Conversion On-Line
Standby UPS types
This type is commonly used by home users for the Presidency with their PC. UPS to be able to do this type of filtration against power failures and flow management, in addition to design efficient, small size and inexpensive.

Line Interactive UPS types
Type of UPS | Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS is the type most often used in small business unit, web developer, and a number of servers located in government departments. Because, in addition to having high levels of reliability, this type also have the ability to adjust the voltage that is sufficient
UPS has an inverter is always connected to the output of the UPS system to convert the power from batteries into AC. In normal circumstances, the Inverter will perform battery charging. While in a state of power outages, Transfer Switch will close and drain power from the batteries to the UPS output. Position that is always connected to the inverter output filter provides additional power. This makes the type of UPS is widely used for server and electrical conditions are not too good.

Double Conversion type UPS On-Line
This type is most common for UPS with power more than 10kVA. These types have in common with the type of Standby. Only this type has a power source located on the inverter, not the AC power source. In this type, the main electricity supply interruption will not trigger a transfer switch for the incoming AC power to the central input to charge the batteries that provide power to the Inverter located at the output. Therefore, when the AC power is disconnected, the flow of energy will be transferred immediately without taking a break when the transfer occurs. This type of UPS above shows the performance of the average. Can be said of this type of approach the ideal of a UPS, unfortunately this type of heat is high enough.

UPS type Delta Conversion On-Line
Almost the same as the Double Conversion type, type Delta used to always supply voltage Inverter. When the power supply is interrupted, this type do the same with Double Conversion type. Delta Conversion has two functions, the first is to control the input power characteristics. While the second function is to control the input current to direct the process of charging the battery system. The thing to remember is to minimize this type of energy is wasted. In addition, it has a high compatibility to various types of generators and reduce the need for the use of cables.