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Type of pneumatic valve

Pneumatic Valve Types
Pneumatic valves have many types and functions. pneumatic valves .The role as a regulator / controller in the pneumatic system. Components such control or so-called valves (Valves). Pneumatic Valve types can be grouped according to the construction design as follows:

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a. Poppet valves (Poppet Valve Pneumatic)
■ Ball Valve (Ball Valve Pneumatic Seat)
■ Disc Valves (Pneumatic Valve Seat Disc)

b. Slide valve (slide valve Pneumatic)
■ Longitudinal Slide
■ Slide Plate

Meanwhile, according to its function valves are grouped as follows:
a) Valves Steering (Directional Control Valves)
b) One-way Valve (Non Return Valves)
c) Regulatory Pressure Valve (Pressure Control Valves)
d) Flow Control Valves (Flow Control Valves)
e) open-close valve (Shut-off valves)

While the arrangement order in the pneumatic system can be described as follows:
■ The input signal or input element gets energy directly from
power source (air felts) are then transmitted to the processor
■ The signal processor or processing element signal processing
logic inputs are to be forwarded to the fi nal control element.
■ end of the control signal (final control element) that will drive the direction of movement of the actuator output (working element) and this is the end result of the pneumatic system.

- Pneumatic-Valve Types

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