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Tracking FM Transmitter Schematics

FM tracer was prepared using the LM3909 IC and some supporting components. 1.5V FM trackers This will provide an indicator of revenue sources by providing a signal emitted by the LED. FM tracking uses a source voltage of the battery cell and fruit consumption current is 3.7 mA.
After completion of assembling Tracker FM 1.5V, then the next step is setting the operating frequency of the FM tracker is, for convenience we can use the FM receiver and adjust the working frequency FM 1.5V Tracking (tracking transmitter) by regulating C3.

Have been obtained if the working frequency Tracking FM 1.5V  (tracking transmitter) then the corresponding LED will light emitted by the transmitter information such as sound through an FM receiver is terdengan. 1.5V FM tracker (tracking transmitter) can use a regular 12-inch antenna. Playing and learning electronics that will be happy,

1.5 Volt Tracking FM circuit (Tracking Transmitter)

Circuit  Description 1.5 Volt Tracking FM (Tracking Transmitter)
  • For stability, use a NPO types for C2 & C4.
  • Tolerance for R1 should be 1 or 2%.
  • Frequency range is usually 87-109Mhz FM.
  • Email wire used in wire coil is made of 'hookup' 22 ga, like the solid Bell phone wire.