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Technology Spending Limits and the Auto Sound System

We live in a world that is constantly changing and evolving. We see it every time we buy a new car, a new television, or a new computer. We see it every other month when the iPod is putting out a new an improved model that offers more features, more disk space, and more everything, in a smaller package (well not since they added video but until then, the gadgets were getting smaller while the features were growing exponentially). The truth of the matter is that technology seems to be advancing at a rate that is nearly impossible to keep up with. That being said, you can quite literally drive yourself insane by trying to keep up with the pace of modern technology.

What you need to do in order to maintain proper sanity is decide on a level of technology that you are comfortable and confident with and go with it until it is time (by either necessity or desire) to upgrade. You do not have to be the first to purchase the latest and greatest in software and gadgetry (this has become my mantra: I do not have to be the first to own the great big bad new toy, I will survive gadget deprivation-it isn't working yet but I'm ever the optimist). The point is that you do not need to be the first to try every new thing and you will not only wear yourself out by trying but also you bank account, credit cards, and second mortgage. Technology is expensive, especially the newest and latest. If there was any doubt stroll on over to Ebay and see how much Play Station 3's are selling for at the moment-madness and lunacy do not even begin to subscribe the amount of money people are offering to pay for these devices.

Technology is a wonderful thing. It makes life easier for some and a lot more entertaining for others. The same holds true with auto sound systems. The technology exists to make them much more beneficial to car and driver than they have been in the past while offering many more features than ever before. Today you aren't even limited to AM and FM. You now have the option of CDs, audio books, MP3s, XML, and digital FM radio, which offers a few bonus features over traditional radio. It really doesn't matter if you have the absolute latest. Most of us can enjoy a great deal of the wonderful technology that is available if we are willing to wait long enough for the prices to go down. I recall, and it wasn't all that long ago, when DVD players sold for no less than $100. You can get them now (about 5 years later) on a regular basis for less than $30. This is only one example of many. PS2s were around $400 when they first hit the market and now can be bought at the whopping price of $120. All around us technology evolves and grows and then prices fall.

The point is spend your money where you want to spend it rather than where you think it should be spent. If you want an auto sound system then get the best one that you feel meets your budget requirements. You do not have to have the top system in the technology food chain in order to have a great sound system that will provide you with years worth of enjoyment. You are the only one that is responsible for the decisions you make. It is up to you to decide where you want the bulk of your money invested when it comes to technological gadgets and goodies. Believe me, I'm a gadget geek. I love playing with new toys and gizmos and seeing how they work-really, for me it's a thrill. At the same time I realize I can't always be the first to get the new toys I so desperately want to try out so I limit myself and decide which ones are the most important. You must do this for yourself when it comes to auto sound systems.