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Surround Power Amplifier LM3886

Power Amplifier LM3886 
Audio Power Amplifier is an important part in the reproduction of sound in a sound system. Audio Power Amplifier LM 3886 with power IC Audio Power Amplifier is a highly capable and able to produce 68 Watts with power rata2 4Ohm load and capable of producing power 38 Watt with 8Ohm load. 
With good sound reproduction capabilities of 20Hz-20kHz is also included on this LM3886 Audio Power Amplifier. LM3886 Audio Power Amplifier is equipped with spike protection that will protect the output circuit from overvoltage, undervoltage, overloads, konrsleting power supply, thermal runawaydan peak temperature. Audio Power Amplifier LM3886 also features a noise reduction system which can keep the audio from the noise well.

Basic Audio Power Amplifier Series LM3886 

Audio Power Amplifier LM3886 

Feature owned LM3886 Audio Power Amplifier 

68W cont. avg. output power into 4Ω at VCC = ± 28V
38W cont. avg. output power into 8Ω at VCC = ± 28V
50W cont. avg. output power into 8Ω at VCC = ± 35V
135W instantaneous peak output power capability
Signal-to-Noise Ratio ≥ 92dB
An input mute function
Output protection from a short to ground or to the supplies via internal current limiting circuitry
Output over-voltage protection against transients from inductive loads
Supply under-voltage protection, not allowing internal biasing to occur Pls | VEE | + | VCC | ≤ 12V, Thus eliminating turn-on and turn-off transients
11-lead TO-220 package
Wide supply range 20V - 94V
Application of Audio Power Amplifier LM3886
Stereo audio system
Active Speaker
High End Audio Power TV
Suround Power Amplifier

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