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RS232 to RS485 Circuit

The new archetypal of RS485 advocate overcomes the RTS controlled botheration accomplished by our chargeless design. However, to do that requires a microprocessor, so there is a greater complication to the design. We advertise this unit, although currently we are attached our sales to barter who can pay by coffer alteration – which in absoluteness is bounded Australian companies. 

This architecture has been almost agitation free, and if you crave quantities we can acclimate the adapter pinout to clothing your appliance – about again the accessory will no best fit the simple little D25 case in which you see it pictured.

Click image to view larger RS232 to RS485 Circuit

* Data (vs RTS) controlled – does not rely on PC handshake timing
* DB25 RS232 connector compatible with PC
* TxD and RxD translated from RS232 to RS485
* Direction of transmission controlled by Data
* Handshake loop the PC connection so it works with all software
* RS485 signals output on D9 male with lots of Ground pins
* Indicator LED(s) to show communications traffic
* Line powered – powered by RS232 handshake lines
* RS485 Termination resistor not included
* Pullup/Pulldown resistors on RS485 to establish line-idle condition
* Baud rate is dipswitch selectable 1200 – 115.2k

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