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Parts of Speaker System

Parts of Speaker System
Basket (frame)
Made of a metal plate that will support all parts of the speaker where the speaker of the other speakers can be attached to the intact 

Here is used to generate a magnetic field of permanent magnets to be used to drive the voice coil, so as to produce sound.

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Parts of speaker
Voice Coil
Voice Coil is an important part of a speaker. Voice coil consists of Robbin (where rolled coil) and coil (the coil BWR - Brass Wire Rope), Coil is going to move in accordance with the signal diterirna.

Spieder or Damper
Spider or suspension dampers are used to speakers that serve to dampen the vibrations of the voice coil, so the voice coil can move freely.

Cone Paper
Paper Cone is part of the suspension of the speaker who serves simultaneously as an amplifier of vibration caused by the voice coil so it can form a clear voice signal received from the speakers.

Dust Cap
Dust Cap serves to channel sound vibration with paper cone and protect the inside of the speaker (where the air gap voice coil moves) from the dust and dirt.
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