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Motor driver L298 Circuit

DC motor driver with H-Bridge IC L293D
IC H Bridge DC motor driver L298 has two H-Bridge circuit in it, so it can be used to download the drive two DC motors. H Bridge DC motor driver L298 each can deliver currents up to 2A. However, in use, the H Bridge DC motor driver L298 can be used in parallel, so the ability to deliver the H Bridge DC motor driver L298 flow into 4A. The consequences of the installation of H Bridge L298 DC motor driver with the parallel mode, you need 2 pieces Bridge H L298 DC motor driver to control two DC motors using H bridge DC motor driver L298 in parallel mode.
H Bridge Pin IC L298 DC motor driver which is connected in parallel operation mode:
* OUT1 connected to OUT4.
* OUT2 OUT3 linked.
* IN1 is connected to IN4.
* IN2 connected to IN3.
* ENABLE ENABLE A linked to B.

OUT1/OUT4 and OUT2/OUT3 associated with DC motors to be controlled.

Please note that the output of the L298 does not have a safety diode. Thus, the need to add two diodes - flyback diodes, with appropriate current capability, at any point output.

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