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Michas AVR-Transistor tester

Everyone knows the problem: you have a transistor, but you can not read the signature. Or you can not find the datasheet. You have a diode or you have a capacitor, but you can not read ... Here is the solution smarty.


* Automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, N-and P-channel MOSFET, the diode (including the double diode), thyristor, triac and resistor.
* Automatic pin detection and reporting of test components
* Detect and display protection diode and the MOSFET transistor
* Determination of the amplification factor and the forward base-emitter voltage of transistor
* Measurement of threshold voltage and gate capacitance of MOSFET
* Show the value of the text-LCD (2 × 16)
* One-button operation, automatic shut-off
* Power consumption in off mode: <20 nA

This tester also supports measuring the diode, R / C testing, and many other components identified.

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